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I want to start doing this regular little group of blog posts, probably a couple of Saturdays a month, containing someones style or a certain item of clothing from an outfit that I'm really loving and that has really inspired me. Because I'm always seeing things that I'm like 'ahhhh I love this' and I want to share my findings with you! Just so you know to look out for some different posts on some Saturdays.

So my style inspo for today is someone I found and follow on Instagram and I love her feed so much. Her style is really unique with a retro streak running through her pictures and outfits. Her name on insta is noelledowning if you wanna give her a follow.

 I love her flat sooo much. I love how shes hung all her pictures and mirrors & stuff. The rug is also gorgeous, her layout definitely inspired my bedroom updates I made recently.

 I love how she puts outfits together and she always makes me wanna try wearing more hats, as I never wear them normally. But she always looks so good in them and her hair also always looks gorg too.

 She also gives me inspo for how to pose and arrange things for photos for instagram & stuff!

Anyway that's someone who's style is certainly inspiring me at the moment. Who's style do you like at the moment? Or a piece of vintage fashion?

Daisy x

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