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I had such a lovely time looking round Brighton when I visited, one of the main things I enjoyed was searching out & visiting all the vintage shops and stalls I could find. 

I would definitely say Brighton is a great place to go for vintage & retro items and clothing if you are looking for somewhere to get pieces either for your own collection or to sell on. There are a really good number of vintage shops and charity/thrift shops too. I would say that a few of the vintage places and charity shops put prices up slightly than a lesser known area but you can also find some great bargains. And a lot of the shops are very unique compared to other places and you could go purely for vintage & retro shopping and get a lot of stuff I think including things like wedding dresses and really high quality, 1920s-30s pieces which you can't always get from a lot of vintage & retro shops. Overall I really did enjoy looking for vintage things in Brighton as it's an especially fun and interesting experience whether you pick up much or not so I would definitely recommend going to Brighton for that reason.

I have made a list of some of my fave vintage shops/places I visited whilst I was there.

 This was one of my absolute favorite vintage shops I visited whilst in Brighton. Firstly it was a really large shop, probably the biggest vintage store 2nd to Beyond Retro. And it was just so fully stocked of different items. I was just so surprised going in there about how good the selection was and also how reasonable the prices were. Compared to a few of the shops I went in the prices of items seemed lower. Also the staff there were super friendly which to me makes a big difference of how much I enjoy looking round a vintage shop. I would recommend visiting there as the prices were so good & there was so much choice of different items.

Flock was probably the prettiest vintage shop I visited in Brighton, as in the displays of clothing and items, as you will be able to see from the window display. Also I think this was the shop that sold the most beautiful, oldest pieces of vintage. It was full of wedding dresses, gowns and handmade lace tops, with so many items from the 1920s-30s. I actually didn't want to touch too much as it was so beautiful and delicate! Obviously because many of the pieces were so old and in good condition the prices were higher but still reasonable I think for what you would be getting. Also out the back of the store was a cute greenhouse full of tiny little cactus' and plants which was something different I wasn't expecting!

I really enjoyed Starfish Vintage. It was quite a small shop but I think that adds to the charm of a lot of vintage shops, when the rails aren't as packed full and it feels like every piece has been picked out specially. I would say it was a really good mix of more affordable cool clothing, but there was also quite a few older, real good quality pieces. It was also just a really cool shop to browse in.

Snoopers attic was a really gorgeous upstairs shop (an attic basically!) inside Snoopers Paradise in Brighton. Again this was such a beautiful vintage shop to wander around. The displays of everything were amazing and to me in some vintage shops it really does make a difference how the items are displayed and extra things like lighting, bunting and decorations. This was another place where the prices of things were on the more expensive side but they were super good quality pieces and items and everything felt really unique, like quite a few things I'd never really seen before in vintage shops. Check out my instagram to see a picture of how pretty it looked inside.

Beyond Retro in Brighton definitely matched and went beyond (haha) my expectations of what it was going to be like. The shop looked liked it was made from an old warehouse and inside had a really cool industrial feel. And it was soo massive! So obviously this meant it had so much choice of things and as usual as I feel in most vintage shops I wanted to buy the entire store, or live there, that would be amazing! I always love the amount of items Beyond Retro has and also I think their prices are really reasonable and the Brighton shop was no exception. I found quite a few items that I ended up buying which I was so happy with. The online store is really cool but I would definitely recommend looking round a physical Beyond Retro shop if you see one, as again the experience makes it really fun too. There was also a vintage style photo booth in the Brighton shop which was cool, fun addition to the shopping experience. 

So that's a summary of all my fave vintage places to check out in Brighton but I would also recommend checking out all the charity/thrift shops in Brighton as I got some amazing vintage bargains from them too!

What are your fave vintage places in Brighton? What other town or city would you recommend going for vintage shopping?



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