Making Pancakes

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Just recently I have started making my own pancakes, especially on the weekends and its been so much fun! And I have been so happy with how good they have come out. It's always been something I've wanted to try but I thought they would be really hard to make. However I found them so easy to do after a few pancakes! They are a really nice treat in the morning and its a bit more interesting than making toast or putting cereal in a bowl, its nice to know you've made your breakfast from scratch.
I used Jamie Oliver's recipe but basically all I do is separate the egg whites from the yolks and put them in separate bowls. Then I whisk egg whites with salt until it has peaks and I do this with a mixer. Then I add sifted flour to egg yolks, and some baking powder and milk and beat together until mixed well. Then I fold the egg white mixture into this bowl, making it stay fluffy and airy. And then I just pour the mixture into a buttered pan on a medium to high heat and leave for a minute or so and then flip it!
I like having a few different toppings, but I really like nutella and banana. But I also have just syrup or lemon and sugar. But I also like that you can get as creative as you like with the toppings! And its also cool with this recipe because they don't include sugar in the main recipe I feel you can have a few more sugary treats for the toppings! 

I've had so much fun making them and its definitely something I will be doing quite regluary on weekends for a treat!

Have you ever tried making pancakes? What toppings are your faves?

Daisy x

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