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I hope you had a lovely weekend. It was especially sunny weather in the UK over the last few days which I have really enjoyed. I am currently writing this looking out the window at a rainy grey day but oh well! 

I had a lovely surprise last week as I had tried to book in for a vintage fair in Cambridge but it was fully booked, however someone pulled out last minute so I managed to book a stall. I was super pleased as the fairs in Cambridge don't come round too regularly and I had built up a large collection of vintage to sell so I was really excited to get selling some things.

Me and my mum had a really great day, as usual when we do vintage fairs together. It's always a really long tiring day but I have so much fun doing them. We met some lovely people again and managed to sell a lot of things. We sold a gorgeous 1950s swing dress to a lady who goes to swing dances and she was so happy with it. I love it when we can sell items to people that they really appreciate and will treasure the item. We also had really lovely chats to the trader opposite us and got to know her really well. - That's also what I really love about the fairs, getting to wander round the other stalls before the fair opens and getting to know everyone. I can't wait till our next one, which hopefully shouldn't be too long away!

Daisy x

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