Finishing Touches to a Vintage Stall

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I thought I would put this blog post together as I have been doing a few more vintage fairs recently and I am always look round for inspiration of little finishing touches to make the vintage stall look a bit more special and appealing. I've tried out a few different things and  found some things I always do at fairs now as I think it makes the stall look really good!

 1. Fairy Lights
I really love how the fairy lights made the stall look, it just brightened it up a lot and made the table look a bit more interesting. I would recommend trying some fairy lights out if you have a vintage stall, especially ones that use a little battery pack because then it doesn't matter if you are near a plug socket or not. 

2. Business cards & sweets
I would also really suggest making up some business cards and leaving them scattered around your stall or in carrier bags you give out as it gives people a really good way of remembering your stall or company and they can then also find you on social media or contact you if they want more info on what you stock. I found that loads of people did take them when they were just left on the table so it was worth it! I also love having a little bowl of retro sweets as its just a fun extra and draws people in a bit more.

3. Sign with your company name 
 I think its really important to have a pretty big, clear sign with the name of your company on as then people can spot your stall straight away if they know your company and I think it just makes the stall look nicer and also more professional anyway. I made a hand painted canvas of our name but I also think it looks really good to print out a poster or canvas.

4. Sale suitcase or box
I always have quite a large selection of vintage & retro clothes that I have had for a while and haven't sold or are slightly broken, so a few times I have decided to have a large vintage suitcase filled with bits and bobs for £5 or under. So many people crowd round this section when I do a far as most people love a bargain! But then I ended up selling quite a few things that I'd had in stock for ages and all the £5s and £2s add up at the end! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what things I add to finish off my vintage stalls when I do them and found the tips helpful if you ever do a vintage fair or stall in the future or regularly and want some ideas to freshen it up.

What things do you love most about a vintage fair? - I'd love to know!

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