Bedroom Updates

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I recently did a bedroom tour post on here as I thought it would be cool to show you some of my fave bits about my bedroom & my decor. Recently though, I have made quite a few changes to my room, small changes but things I think make it look fresher and more me as a lot of things had been the same for a while. I'm really happy with things I've done and I'm really loving how it looks at the present! I thought I'd share some bits and pieces I've changed around. 

 I had a huge change around to the top of my chest of drawers, as before it was super cluttered and crazy which I kinda liked but I also wanted to change it to a more minimalist style and have less items. I also purchased some dried flowers which are probably my fave type of flowers and love having them on there.

 I also took alot off my pin boards and made them look more simple.

 I got this rug for a bargain at a carboot sale for just £2!

 I put lots of my dresser bits and bobs in this mini vintage suitcase and also put in some dried flowers, I really love how this looks and it makes everything so much neater!

I hope you enjoyed having a little snoop around the new changes in my room! What thing do you like most about your room?

Daisy x 

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