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Today I thought I'd dedicate a blog post to the best vintage & retro fashion and lifestyle magazine I have found so far. Quite soon after I first really got into collecting and wearing vintage fashion I discovered this magazine. I spotted it one day whist in a supermarket and I just thought it looked really good and after flicking through it I just needed to buy it!

It's a really great mixture of things relating to retro & vintage. Including street styles, recipes, craft ideas and obviously fashion picks. I think this is the reason why I really enjoy reading it. There's definitely something for everyone and even if your not a massive fan of vintage, I think people would still enjoy flicking through the magazine. I haven't really found many other vintage magazines that I enjoy as much and that cover this wide range of topics. But I do want to look a bit more at magazine stands in shops to hunt out some more things to read.

I would really recommend picking it up if you see a copy! Are there any vintage & retro magazines you like to look through? Comment below anything you recommend as I like to read anything dedicated to all things vintage.

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  1. I love Vintage Life mag! It's ace and a lovely change from the usual high street reads. Lisa x

    1. Yeah ah I'm glad you love it too! Yeah it does :) thanks for reading.

      Daisy x


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