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I was so excited to get to a carboot sale again last Saturday as the weather picked up a bit. I looovvee strolling around carboot sales and they are often where I pick up some real treasures.

Recently I really wanted to get some old photographs and postcards to use for decoration in my room and just to look through really. I found a stall at the carboot sale with a lady selling tonnes of vintage photos, adverts, postcards and cut-outs. I was at her stall for about 20 minutes I think (this is long for me I usually don't stop at a stall for longer than 3 mins) just looking through her hundreds of photos. I just love looking at them and thinking about who the people are in them and what they were like and their different stories. Again I just love any type of history so that's why it interests me so much I think. 

I ended up buying a small collection of photos and postcards and might end up scattering them around my bedroom. 

Do you like looking through old photographs? I'd love to see anyone's blog posts about them too, link in the comments! 

Daisy x

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  1. I love looking through all the photo albums my nanna has from when she was younger,such a history bug! Also when I come across old books in charity shops that have messages written inside the front cover. So heartfelt. Great read :-)

    Hannah x

    1. Ah sounds great! Yeah I love that in books too it's so lovely to look back on things like that. Thankyou! :)

      Daisy x


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