Brighton Trip #2

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If you haven't read my previous Brighton blog post you might want 
to go and check that out here first before reading this post. But anyway
 I thought I'd do a run through of what we got up to on our second day 
of looking round Brighton. 
Firstly we had breakfast at our 
hotel which was really yummy, and then we were prepared to explore some 
more! We decided to search for this street we'd looked up, that was full
 of charity shops - Perfect for us! Unfortunately the weather wasn't 
great on Friday, however we just ran in and of shops and coffee shops, 
which was fun. I managed to find quite a lot of vintage bargains and 
secondhand clothing which I was very pleased with. - (I will make a blog
 post with all the items I brought in Brighton so look out for that) One
 of the coffee shops we stopped off at was Presuming Ed which was a 
really funky, unique place to stop off at. 

  We then decided to 
go back to the main lanes to back to some of the places we had briefly 
looked in the day before. One of the vintage and antique places we spent
 a lot of time in was snoopers paradise, which was full of quirky and 
kitsch items and upstairs there was an attic full of beautiful vintage 
clothing and reworked pieces.  

  We also went back to a vintage
market which had a vintage style photobooth to get some snaps of us 
three. There were actually quite a few photobooths dotted around 
including one in beyond retro so if you want to get retro snaps there's 
lots of choice.  
 By the afternoon we were all pretty tired but 
we wanted to have a proper look down at the pier, even though the 
weather was very wet and windy by this point, it was still fun to get a 
bit blown away down at the seafront! The pier looked really pretty and 
it was nice because not many people were around. After that we decided 
to head back home. It was hard to leave though as there were so many 
cool places in Brighton, I'd love to go back another time. But we did 
have a lovely couple of days away and I loved visiting all the vintage 
places there. 

 As I said I am also going to do a haul post with 
everything I brought and also a post reviewing all the vintage shops I 
went into to, so look out for those posts too! 
Thanks for reading, Daisy x

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