Brighton Trip #1

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 As you may have seen from my Instagram ~ florencemayvintage me, my mum and sister went on a trip to Brighton last week. After seeing loads of videos and photos of Brighton we knew it was somewhere we really wanted to visit and check out all the cool shops & cafes. Also it's only about a 2 and a half hour drive from where I live so I don't know why we hadn't gone before now!

We booked a hotel so we could have 2 full days there. So on Thursday when we got there we went for some breakfast and a drink, then we just started wandering around the streets and going in and out of funky shops we passed. We obviously didn't really know our way around so we just went down the little streets and got a feel for the area. The weather was so lovely on Thursday so it was nice to just wander a bit. 

Then we walked over to the Royal Pavilion, as this is somewhere I knew I wanted to have a walk around and get some photos. I really love the type of architecture of the building and it was really stunning to look at. We took quite a few pictures and also sunbathed on the grass for a while. We then wandered back to the lanes and went for some lunch at The Littlebird Cafe in Kensington gardens, which was really delicious, I would really recommend going to if you are ever in the area. And we also found lots of cute vintage, gift & sweet shops around there to look in too. In the afternoon I went in a search to find the large Beyond Retro store in Brighton. The shop was so full of all sorts of vintage and retro items. But it was also really nicely laid out so it was easy to navigate round and find anything you might be looking for. The staff were super friendly too which is always a bonus! I literally wanted to buy the whole store but I just brought a few items that I really loved. (I will feature what I got in a Brighton haul post so look out for that!) 

Once we had finished up most of our shopping we headed back to hotel to drop off our purchases and then strolled down to the beach and sat for a while, even though the sun had gone in by then it was really pretty looking over the sea and out to the pier. And then we decided to go and have some dinner and then headed back to the hotel for bed as we were all shattered! 

I had a really lovely day as the weather had been so lovely and we manage to find lots of lovely shops to explore. We obviously stayed over and had the whole of Friday there too which I will be writing about in my next blog post so look out for that too! I am also going to do a haul post of all the things I brought and a review post of the vintage shops. So be sure to check those out too!

Daisy x

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