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If you haven't seen my other 2 Brighton blog posts, go check them out here & here, to see what I got up to whilst staying in Brighton. As you will see from those posts I did quite a lot of shopping! I managed to find lots of great vintage shops and also charity shops, where I ended up buying quite a few things. So I thought I would go through the items I brought, as I'm super happy with everything!

  Vintage Bag - £16 - Beyond Retro

 Beyond Retro Tote Bag - £3.50

 Vintage floral shirt - £26 - Beyond Retro

Red Floral Shirt - Beyond Retro - £28

Vintage sunglasses - Charity Shop - £3

 Vintage Doc Marten Boots - Mind Charity Shop - £10

Retro fabric Pinny Dress - Mind Charity Shop - £5.50

 Vintage shirt - £1.20 - Vintage Kilo Sale

 Check Shirt - £1.50 - Vintage Kilo Sale

Vintage Denim Skirt - £1.50 - Vintage Kilo Sale

St Michael's Vintage Skirt - PDSA Charity Shop - £6.99

Primark Grey Dress - Age UK Charity Shop - £3.99

New Look Red Dress - Oxfam Charity Shop - £8.99

 Vintage Women's Magazines - £3 each - Snoopers Paradise Antique Shop

Quote Block - £1 - Cancer Research Charity Shop

Retro photobooth snaps - £3 each - Vintage Market

And that is everything I picked up whilst looking round Brighton. I'm so happy with the items I managed to get and I feel like I got some real bargains. One of my absolute favourite purchases was the Doc Marten Boots for only £10. I'd been looking for some for ages and I managed to get them so cheap and I haven't stopped wearing them since! I also especially love all my Beyond Retro buys and I will be using the tote bag for when I buy any vintage goodies. I hope you enjoyed looking at what I got!

Have you ever visited Brighton? If so what shops did you visit?

Daisy x

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