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As you could probably tell I am someone who is mad about collecting clothes. I'm definitely someone who loves picking up items I really love, that are good quality and I know I will wear loads instead of just cheap disposable items. However this then means I have an abundance of clothes, which would be fine if I had a separate room for them all but I only have a regular size wardrobe. 

So I have a general rule, where if I buy some new items I have to get rid of some other things I never wear. However I haven't actually had a good clear out for ages as it's been winter its slightly harder do things with my clothes but as its slowly getting warmer I am going to do a big clear out. Anyway I wanted to share my best top tips of what to do with old clothes. 

1. Have a Carboot Sale. I don't know if carboots happen absolutely everywhere but if you're someone who lives near where there are carboot sales but you've never tried selling at one I would recommend trying it if you have a load of clothes you want to get some cash for. I normally lay out all my clothes on a big mat and charge 50p-£1 for things and end up shifting quite a lot. Getting rid of clothes this way does require some effort - getting up early, unpacking and packing up at the end but I always have a good time and manage to sell quite a bit.  

2. Have a clothes swap party. This is something I've done myself a few times and I've also been to quite a few of other peoples. Basically you arrange a date and book a hall or arrange a time to have it at your house (depending on how many people you want to invite) and ask people to bring all their old clothes. Or you can collect their things before the date so you can be more prepared for the party. And obviously add in all your old clothes and lay out all the clothes together, get some cakes and snacks. Then people come and take whatever clothes they want, so you can get rid of your clothes but also you know that one of your friends has picked up something new, you haven't just thrown them away. (its also an excuse for a party!)

3. Donate to a charity shop. This is the most simple way to get rid of clothes that requires the least effort. The easiest way to do this is to just take your items to your local charity shop that you want to support. Charity shops love getting new clothing donations and will take most clothes, obviously it's good if things are in reasonable condition. Then you know you are donating to charity without even spending any money! (some of my favourite charity shops - Oxfam, Cancer Research Uk, St Helena Hospice)

4. Take to a clothes/fabric weight place. Cash for clothes companies are a great way to get rid of unwanted clothes. Your clothes get taken to people around the world that can't afford clothing but you also get paid for your clothes. Again clothing needs to be in reasonable condition otherwise they won't accept it. I think the most I've got from taking my clothes to be weighed was about £40, so you can get good money from it!

5. Create something new. Instead of getting rid of something you don't really like too much anymore, something fun to try is making it into something else or doing some fashion diy! I do this quite alot with old things I'm not wearing much and then I sometimes end up making it into something I wear constantly. 
You could:
- Cut up jeans and them into a skirt/bag or shorts.
- Use material from a top or dress to make a cushion/throw
- Turn a dress you don't wear into a crop top
- Use fabrics from clothes and create a rug  

 Daisy x    

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