Vintage Auction for Cancer Research

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Hello! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I thought I would put a post up as this weekend just gone I went to a vintage auction & tea party for Cancer Research UK. Which was totally the perfect thing for me to attend as I love anything to do with vintage or charity shops basically so the 2 combined was amazing! 

The auction/tea party was held in a really pretty tattoo studio and there were tea and cupcakes to snack on whilst waiting for the auction to begin. There were a couple of rails of retro and alternative clothing for sale and then there were 8 vintage 1950s & 60s dresses that were auctioned. It was really nice just strolling around and flicking through rails of clothes, accessories, munching on cakes and chatting to the friendly people that set up the whole event. Quite a few vintage fans turned up to have a look round and donate some money to cancer research by snapping up some retro bargains. 

Me and mum bid on a couple of green 60s dresses and managed to get them for a total bargain of £20 each. Most of the other dresses sold for £40-£70 which was really great for Cancer Research. It was such a fun event and a great way to raise some money for charity, whilst enjoying some vintageness! I basically had a lovely afternoon and can't wait to go to more events like this in the future. I think the whole event raised over £700 which is great!

I am also planning to visit another vintage auction in July and will hopefully be able to put some of our vintage items into the auction too which will be so fun! Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my latest vintage event. Have you been to any good vintage events or fairs recently?   

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