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I love looking at different mediums for vintage content and I have so many websites that I love checking regularly whether its blogs, online shops or information sites. So here's my list of my current favourites!

Vintage Guild - I love this site sooo much! It's basically full of vintage fashion information, history and resources. There are fabric resources so you can check if you have a genuine vintage material or not. There's also a really helpful vintage label information which I love looking at when I get a new pieces of vintage clothing I can check the label to see what age things are. It also holds loads of tips for things like dying fabrics and how to spot vintage hats and shoes. Its definitely the go to place for information on all things vintage and retro.

Judy's Vintage Fair Blog - I really enjoy looking through the Judy's vintage blog. It has some great posts on there about their recent fairs, street styles and information about their other events. It's really interesting to keep up with what they do.

Asos Vintage Marketplace - Asos marketplace is one of my new favourite places to check for vintage clothing and retro items. I love checking out all the new boutiques and brands that are featured. I really love this way of vintage shopping as in an online way, it is like I'm walking down a street and going into vintage shop after vintage shop, as each brand is really unique. Even when I'm not buying, I like to have a browse anyway!

Chasing Vintage Magazine - I recently discovered  this magazine devoted to all things vintage and bring together all things to do with past. I love checking the site for events coming up around the UK and businesses that are featured. It's been a very recent, new addition to my fave places online to look at vintage and retro related things. 

Rokit Vintage Blog - As Rokit is one of my fave online shops to pick up vintage clothing, it's no surprise that I love their blog. There is so much content to scroll through, including street styles, history clothing posts, giveaway posts, fashion icons and more. It's a great way to keep up with whats happening with them as a brand but also just really interesting content to read and it also gives great style inspiration

So there are just some of my fave top vintage & retro sites at the moment! I love discovering new ones though, post your favourites below in the comments so I can check them out too! Or if you have a vintage blog I'd love to check it out.


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