Ikea Haul

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Hope you had a nice extended weekend! I've been quite busy so I'm sorry it's been a little while since I've written a post. I spent one of the days last weekend looking round ikea. I really love all the unique, designed items you can get there. It's also just a very fun shop to stroll around looking at set up bedrooms and all the different bits and pieces! 

Recently as well, I've been updating some things in my room so it was nice to look round and pick up a couple of things for my room and get some ideas for displays. I didn't end up buying that many things this time, as it was just a really relaxed day. But I also saw quite a few things I really liked that I might pick up another time. Anyway I've put together some of my findings! 

Thanks for reading as always, Daisy x  

Mini Cactuses £4.50 for 3

Tea light Lantern £2

Artificial plant and pot £5.95

 Other things I liked...


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  1. Ikea really is one of those destination stores, you know, one where people go to sort of hang out. Last time I went I found some great things. I really like your new lantern!

    1. Yeah that's what we always do lol. Ah good thankyou! ♥️

      Daisy x


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