Favourite Items in my Wardrobe | March 2016

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I have quite a few pieces in my wardrobe that I've been really loving lately and I can tell I will be wearing a lot this year! I have picked out just 5 items to show you and I thought I'd go through each item and say why I like it so much, how I like to style it and where I got it.

Levi Mom Jeans - Jemporium Vintage (Cambridge) £25
I've been looking for the perfect pair of mom jeans for so long and I finally found a pair I love. I think the price is so reasonable as well so that was a bonus! I just love this style of jeans so much as I think they instantly make an outfit look a lot more interesting. I wear them with retro tops and kimonos with trainers or sandals. 

Denim Dress - New Look £6 (sale)
 I picked up this dress in the sales a while back and I thought it was cute but didn't try it on so I wasn't sure how it would look. But I think it's something that looks a lot nicer when its on. I can't stop wearing it at the moment! I normally style it with a kimono over the top or a long sleeve grey or black top underneath.

Vintage Velvet Jacket - Charity Shop £7
When I spotted this in my local charity shop I knew I had to get it. It's the sort of thing I didn't realize how much I needed one in wardrobe until I saw it. It's really quirky but still looks trendy on. I love wearing it with a plain top underneath and my mom jeans.

Wanderlust grey T-shirt - Primark £7
 When I went to Cambridge the other week I had a massive browse in Primark as I hadn't been for ages. I found this really cute grey wanderlust slogan top. I love how small the text is and the material is so soft. I also really like the v neck. I wear it with leggins and boots and a jacket at the moment as it's still quite cold but can't wait to wear it in the summer too.

Chinese Kimono - Jumble Sale 20p
This is the real bargain out of my top 5 items. It was something I just grabbed at a jumble sale without really looking at it in much detail. But recently I can't stop wearing it! It looks really pretty on and it's obviously a great thing for when it gets a bit warmer but even at the moment I love pairing it with a plain tee or my denim dress.

I hope you liked that small insight into my wardrobe and my fave items at the moment. 

If you've done a wardrobe post on your blog, tag it in the comments - I'd love to see what's in your collection!
Daisy x

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