Alternative jewellery & stationary storage

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I have put this blog post together because I am someone who is obsessed with jewelry and also I love art, I therefore have an abundance of rings, necklaces and art supplies! So I a always looking for new ways to store my things and I've found some quite cool, alternative ways of storing items that you might find helpful too!

Firstly I found that these type of vintage & retro tins are super cute and are great for storing things in. Also they are fairly easy to pick up depending on what you are looking for.  Usually I find them at carboot sales or charity shops for a couple of pounds each, but even in antique or vintage shops you can get them for about £4 each sometimes or less, especially more modern, common ones. And you could do a lot with them. Like stand up makeup brushes, pens or paintbrushes. Or store little items like rings, necklaces or lipsticks.

My cousin actually made this jewellery stand for me. But I have also made a couple of them myself and they are really easy to put together. You just need a bowl, a jar and a tea cup all in patterns that you like. And on this one the jar is just filled with pearls and tied with a lace bow and you can superglue or drill the sections together. Alternately quite a few people make these so you might be able to pick one up at a art & craft fair or something similar. I just use each section for different items of jewelry and it works really well and makes a really nice display!

Large shells like this can also be really handy for holding rings or hair slides. I brought a set of about 6 from a carboot sale but I think you can also get them from seaside gift shops or craft shops. With the large ones you can fit quite a lot in them and I think they look really pretty on a dressing table, especially if you're going for a seaside theme bedroom. 

Vintage & retro teacups are a great way to hold hairpins, hairbands or rings. I use mine to hold hairpins and I just think the teacups look really pretty on a top of a dresser and you can get these so easily for really cheap especially if they are slightly damaged. You could also keep the cup on the saucer and use that as well to store things.

I have so many pens and brushes to store so I love finding new ways to display them. I found this old measuring jug in our cupboards that we weren't using any more so I thought I'd use it for my collection of sharpies. Because the jug is so wide at the top it means you can store loads of items and I think it looks really funky and different. 

 I also love using this paper mache tray that I found. Obviously its quite small so can only store a few pencils in this instance. But I think it looks really pretty and decorative. And it makes it really easy to see what you've got and reach for them easily.

What things do you use to store your things? Have you found any cool, alternative ways to display them?


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