5 Uses for Vintage Teacups

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I really love trying to find new uses for vintage or retro items, as a few things maybe aren't always used for their original purpose anymore. But a lot of items still look really cool to decorate a room or use in a display. 

Although vintage tea sets are used quite a lot still for tea parties or weddings, I also think there are other ways of using them for different purposes that are quite quirky and can make a space look a bit different than usual. And you can pick up teacups and saucers so cheap in most charity shops or at carboot sales. There are a few things I use vintage teacups for and I thought I'd share some of my few ideas, and there's probably 100s more ideas out there too!

Teacup Planter - I think using the cup to hold plants looks really cute! Obviously a lot of tea cups aren't the deepest, so they could only hold a succulent or something similar but I think they work really well and it looks a bit more quirky than a normal planter.

Jewellery stand - Teacups super glued to the a saucer makes a really simple ring or necklace holder. They are really great for storing items as you can fill the cup with lots and then lay a few items out on the saucer. It also looks nice if you mismatch the cup and saucer with different patterns.

Hanging Display - This one doesn't really serve a purpose, however I think teacups look really nice just simply hung up above a desk or in a kitchen if you want to add a really simple vintage twist to a room this is an easy way to do it.

Hair slide/band storage - I really like how my 2 teacups look on my dresser with my hair slides and bands inside. I used to use 2 plastic containers but they didn't really fit in with my mismatch, vintage dresser so I decided to use 2 teacups and I think they look great. And they also make it really easy to fit a slide or band when I'm trying to get ready quickly.

Pin Cushion - All I did for this was place an existing pin cushion in the teacup, but you could make a pin cushion the size and design you want and glue it into the cup so it holds better. This is so helpful though as I am always losing pin cushions but with this it can stand properly on a table and it's easy to find. Also it makes another nice display piece.

Do you use old vintage teacups for anything? Or is there any other vintage items you've re purposed?

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