Spring Is In The Air

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Daffodils and Snowdrops are already starting to pop up in the garden and scattered along the roadside. Second to summer, spring time is my favourite season. I love it when the warmer weather and sunnier days start to break through from the winter and it starts getting me super excited for summer. I feel like I do so much more in the warmer months and feel so much more inspired. I also have a huge collection of summery clothes that I can't wait to start wearing when the weather gets warmer. Every year I try to do more and make the most of things more than last year and I also still feel really pumped that it's a new year and a chance to make as many good memories as possible to look back on. 

I have loads of things I want to do/places to go etc in the next few months so here is a list of some of them:

  Go to Brighton
 Do more Vintage Fairs
Have dinner outside in the evenings
Find new vintage shops in towns around the UK
 Have a picnic
 Go to the Zoo
Go for walks in forests or gardens
Visit the Beach
Bake more
 Have a day to trip to London
 Make smoothies
  Paint more
 Go on road trips in our campervan
Finish my crochet blanket
Create a spring/summer music playlist

Whats your favourite season? Have you got much planned for spring?

Daisy x

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