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 Today I thought I'd do a 'room tour' post, as I have wanted to for a while and also I'm really loving how my bedroom looks at the moment! My bedroom is a mis-match really, it doesn't fit 1 colour scheme or style. But I would say it's basically a space filled with all the things I have collected over the years and memories.

Like many sections of the walls in my bedroom I decided to paint a design on this wall above my dressing table. I also have a vintage look map that I got from Paperchase in their paper section and then some fairy lights I got from a carboot sale. 

This is the top of my dressing table. I decorated the bottom section of the wall with vintage adverts, which I talked alot more about on this blog post. I have loads of stuff on the top of my table like all my empty perfume bottles, jewelry and other bits and bobs.

I recently got this jewelry music box and carousel money box from a charity shop for about £3 each and I really love them, I think they are probably from 50s, 60s with a Victorian style.

These are some of my compacts from my collection. I don't really use many of them but I just love all the different designs you can get and really enjoy collecting them from all different eras. 

My set of draws - you can see from this all the random little things I collect. Including a retro polaroid camera that doesn't actually work but I think it looks cool.

My messy looking bed, which is the normal look for it. I have an array of about 10 different little cushions which are all totally random and some retro throws are usually scattered around too. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of what my bedroom looks like! Is there anything you collect or favorite parts of your room? Or do you have a pinterest with pics of your dream room?

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