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As well as a intense collector of vintage clothing I also have a passion for wearing rings. My Nan always wears a ring on almost every finger so I think I must have inherited my love from her. My collection is a mix of vintage silver and gem stone rings to £2.50 rings from Primark. I love that all my rings are from different places and have various memories attached to each. I thought I would share just a few of my favourite ones!

Sterling silver swirl ring I picked up from a cancer research charity shop for £7

Silver and gem ring from a charity shop for £2.50

My sister recently got me this gold band ring from eejewellery - which has some amazing vintage rings and necklaces. They also sell loads of gorgeous handmade unique pieces of jewellery. And their delivery to the UK is super quick. They are definitely worth checking out!

These 3 midi rings were in a pack of 8 rings from Primark for about £2 I think. I really like the rings that I get from Primark even though they aren't always the best quality I really like the designs of them.

This green peacock ring is one of my absolute favourite rings I've ever brought. It was only £1.50 from Republic. I've never seen any others like it and I think it looks really unique.

This gold and diamond ring was my grandmother's, I think it's so beautiful and I love being able to wear rings that are a piece of history and have tonnes of memories behind them.

I cant even remember where I got this ring but I really love it. It's really simple as I think it's just a piece of copper painted white with the flowers. I just think it's super pretty.

I also can't remember where picked up this ring but it was probably a £1 from a carboot sale or something. It's modern but made to look antique but I still think it looks really cool and vintage with a retro outfit on.

I hope you liked seeing some of my rings that I love the most and I am still always looking out for more to add to my collection so I there is somewhere where you love to pick up rings let me know!

Daisy x

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