Falling for Suede

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70's style is definitely the ultimate trend at the moment. A lot of high street shops are adding in a retro 70's flare to a lot of the fashion staples. And as you can imagine I love it! I really love the 70's style. With the vibrant patterns, floaty dresses and of course suede. I've really fallen for all things suede recently. Here are some of my favorite items and where to look for 70s style. 

Clothes left to right: Topshop Black Dress £75, Lilac Beyond Retro Backpack £45, Red Jacket (Similar) £59.99, Brown New Look Boots £27.99, Blue Motel Rocks Skirt £32

I really love the suede backpacks you can pick up from Beyond Retro. As featured above, I love the lilac colour of that suede bag. I think it looks so unique and the different pastel colours you can get put a modern twist on 70s suede. Topshop is also one of my other favorite places to find different suede pieces of fashion, so I have featured a few of their items on this post. But I definitely recommend you check out the entire suede range.  

Beyond Retro Brown Panel Skirt £19 - This is a beyond retro recycled skirt. I love the two tones, it has such a retro style and would go with loads of out.

Topshop Patchwork Bag £65 - I love the minimal colours on this shoulder bag. I think it looks in trend but also really unique and has that 70s vibe.

h&m Suede Top £29.99 - This has a really cool 70s hippy style and I think this would be so perfect for summer looks, especially for festivals or boho outfits.

Rokit Vintage block dress £19.50 - I love the pastel colours on this dress and I think it would look really amazing in spring with a jacket and a floppy hat.

Dorothy Perkins Khaki Pinny Dress £15 - This is probably the most simple piece from my favorites, but I think you could wear this loads of different ways and it would just have a touch of a 60s,70s vibe.

Topshop Button Skirt £75 - I think the colour of this is so pretty and just adds a different twist on the usual brown suede colours. It's also longer than a lot of suede skirts so you could wear it for more occasions.

So there are just some of my favorite suede pieces that are out there at the moment. Have you been loving suede as much as me?

Daisy x

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