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A well know fact about me is that I love jewellery. I especially like it when I manage to find really unique or vintage pieces. One of my new favourite jewellery shop discoveries is Eclectic Eccentricity
The shop provides loads of unique, handmade jewellery and also has a lovely selection of authentic vintage rings and necklaces. I love the amount of choice there is and also how many new items are added regularly. I recently purchased a few bits and thought I would share what I brought.

I firstly picked up this vintage heart locket necklace on a copper colour chain. I thought it was really cute and I really like how it opens length ways instead of across if you know what I mean. I just thought that made it a bit different. 
~ £8.25 

The second necklace I got was the little 'I need space man' one. I just thought it was cute and its on quite a long chain so it would be quite nice to layer up with a shorter necklace I think. The space man or lady was actually a little bigger than I was expecting which is fine but just means it is quite a stand out necklace to wear.

I love so many of the rings on Eclectic Eccentricity but for now I just got this vintage petal brass ring, I really love the little flower and leaf detail. And the ring is also adjustable which is handy so I can wear it on pretty much any finger. I also think it would look really nice layered with a gem stone ring. 
~ £5

I really love the few bits I got and the packages came super quickly, I think in fact they came only 2 days later after I ordered them. You should definitely go and check out Eclectic Eccentricity, especially if you are looking for some new unique or vintage jewellery.

Have you ever brought anything from EE Jewellery or picked up any vintage rings or necklaces recently?   

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  1. Absolutely love these, especially the space man! Have you tried &otherstories? they have some really beautiful, quirky jewellery as well.

    Sofia x

    1. thankyou. They are lovely items. No I haven't actually will go check them out right now! :) x


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