My top places to Vintage shop ever...(so far)

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As we have just come into 2016 (as if?!) I am going to try to go to as many new places this year as I can to search out new vintage/retro shops & fairs and blog about them of course! Living in the UK there are so many places even locally that its possible to hunt out vintage treasures. I have already found so many places that I love to pick out new retro items. I thought I would share my top places so far. 

1. Camden Lock - London
 One of my absolute favorite places I have visited in London is Camden Lock. The markets are so unique and you can get almost anything you would be searching for there. The place is full of all kinds of exotic foods and quirky and vintage shops, of course! There are all sorts of different antique and retro shops and stalls throughout the area. Whether you are looking for modern 50's inspired dresses or true vintage clothing and accessories, there is something for everyone there. I really enjoyed all the choice you get in Camden and you can get things for really reasonable prices in some shops and stalls which is a bonus! One of the main shops I fell in love with was St Cyr vintage. It was absolutely crammed full with vintage treasures and gems. I found it very hard not buy the entire shop! I would defiantly recommend checking Camden Lock out if you are in London whether you are a fellow vintage lover or not!  - My entire blog post about Camden Lock

2. Brick Lane - London
I really loved visiting brick land in London recently. It's definitely the most saturated with vintage and retro shops place I've been to so far. For every few shops you go past there is a vintage or retro shop.  And loads of antique, gift shops hidden down side streets. Its also a really cool and arty place to visit, with graffiti and artwork decorating every brick wall and cafe. Also there are many individual restaurants and food stalls to choose from so its a really great place to visit for a day out if you are in London. I would really recommend brick lane for vintage lovers as it is so crammed full with retro shops and secondhand stalls, but I'm sure anyone would enjoy a trip there even if its just for a couple of hours. 

3. New York City
What I would say is the most amazing trip of my life so far, New York really took my breath away. It was somewhere I have always wanted to visit and I loved being there so much. We got to go to so many of the top places I wanted to visit and it's obviously a great place to pick up vintage gems. As we were only there a week and we had so much we wanted to cram in to our trip I didn't spend the whole time going from retro store to vintage fair (unfortunately) However I did manage to visit a flea market whilst I was there which was so good. And as things work out a lot cheaper in America that was an added bonus to picking things up. I did spot more retro places to shop but didn't really get much time to visit them however it is still one of my top places to shop for vintage and me and my family are planning to go back next year so I will try to cram in more vintage shops next time! - my full blog post about my New York City trip

4. Judy's Vintage Fairs
As I harp on about how much I love Judy's Vintage Fairs in about 50% of my blog posts, how could I not include them in my best places to shop for vintage! As you probably already know as well, I am a registered trader with Judy's and have sold at a few fairs locally. They are always my favorite days of year, being able to sell my own vintage goods to other fellow collectors. The fairs are held in about 30 cities around the UK so you are likely to find one near you! I would definitely recommended visiting this fair to any vintage lovers or collectors. It's a really nice atmosphere, with all the stall holders being super friendly and the 1940's style tea and cakes. There's so much choice from different stalls depending on what vintage era or style you're into. If your not really that into wearing vintage fashion yourself then there's plenty of home ware goods and accessories too. Also as the name of the fair implies its very affordable! In fact I think the prices are about 75% cheaper than high street prices for vintage.  - My full blog post about Judy's Vintage

5. Colchester - Essex,UK
Recently I've been to Colchester in Essex a couple of times and I think its a really great town to pick up some vintage goods. The streets are full of charity shops, which as you know I love searching for gems in charity shops. There are also a good number of vintage/retro shops scattered around Colchester, which I really enjoyed browsing in whilst I was there. I would really recommend checking out Colchester for secondhand and retro things, especially as its quite a small place to visit and it doesn't take long at all to stroll round the streets so you can't get lost! My favorite vintage place I found was St Helena Hospice which is a treasure trove full with vintage and retro! - my full blog post on Colchester

6. Norwich - UK
Somewhere that is really local to me is the city of Norwich. I think it's such a pretty place to look round for things. Again its a place that is quite arty, especially because of the universities there, the vintage and unique culture is strong. There's plenty of great charity shops to look at including, Oxfam, Cancer Research and more. I also really enjoy visiting a number of vintage stalls on the market whilst I'm there,  strolling from stall to stall searching out vintage treasures. There is also a really cool retro shop filled with items and clothing and also a vintage tea room in the entrance. Norwich is a great place to shop anyway but especially if you are out looking for vintage I would definitely say its worth a visit! - My entire blog post featuring Norwich

As I am writing this post I'm itching to get out and visit some new vintage  places this year. I'm sure I will find places I love just as much as where I've been so far. I'm excited to see what 2016 will hold!

I'm always looking for new places to check out so what are your top places to shop vintage & retro?


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