7 things to do with scraps of retro fabric

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As well as a collector of vintage clothing I am also a huge hoarder of retro fabrics and material. I often pick up whatever pieces I like the look of from charity shops, car boot sales and jumble sales as you can mostly get them quite cheap! Anyway after I've used fabric for different projects I usually have some quite small scraps of material left, which sometimes I don't know what to do with. So recently I have come up with a few ideas of different ways you can use up leftovers. Hopefully it might provide some inspiration for fellow fabric collectors!

1. Handmade fabric rings - This is a good way to use scraps up as you only need tiny amounts to make the rings. I recently made a post about how to make retro design rings which you can check out to see how to make the rings. But you could also just cover an existing ring you have with the spare fabric to give it a retro twist.

2. Draw covering - This a great way to do up a chest of draws and use up some spare fabric. I just drew out the size of the draw of the back of the fabric and cut a hole in the front for the handle. It gives the draws a more unique look and will add a bit of colour if your furniture is quite plain.

3. Make a hairband - A really simple and quick way to use some scraps of fabric up and add a bit of a retro twist to any look. I just cut quite a long strip of the spare material and pulled it up through, over my hair at the top and tied it in a knot and secured it with a couple of pins.  

 4. Make a gift tag -  I really like making my own gift tags for things. So I thought this would be a good project to do to use up remainders of retro fabric. I used a small piece of brown card to make the base of the tag, then stuck on the material and made a hole in the top of the card. Then I tied a strip of lace through the top to make the tie. You can then use the back, with the card showing, to write a message. 

5. Decorate Jars - This is a good way to use bits up as you really don't need much at all. I got some quite long strips of fabric and just tied one piece around a plain jar and another around a candle. Makes the jar and candle look a bit more interesting!

6. Customize clothing -  This is a great way to add your own twist to your clothing. I tried this out on a plain denim shirt, I used a small square of the fabric and placed it over the pocket area on the shirt and basically I just stitched it on. Or even if your not a great sewer you could just glue on a piece of material. You could also cover the buttons on a shirt with leftover fabric.

7. Cover a notebook - I liked trying this out as you can buy any cheap, plain notebook and quickly add your own touch. Its such a simple thing to do as well, I just got a piece of the fabric and measured out the correct size and glued it down to the front of the notebook.

I enjoyed trying out these ideas out and using up some of my fabric scraps at the same time! What do you do with vintage fabric?

Daisy x

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