Beach, Norwich and Recent Vintage Haul

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We've actually managed to have some nice sunny days in England over the last few weeks, which can be quite rare at times! So I have been heading to the beach quite a lot. The nearest beach to where I live is Felixstowe in the South east of England. It's a nice little seaside town to visit if you are near that area. My family and me visit regularly as there are a lot of good charity shops there. There are also a few individual, gift shops, florists and cafes. The latest time I went I managed to pick up about 4 vintage pieces of clothing from The British Red Cross charity shop there for half price! Which I was so chuffed about. So I think all the items I brought only came to about £14! And we managed to have a relax on the beach too, which was a bonus. It's a nice little town if you are looking for one to visit in England. The beach is also nice, with a more sandy area to relax right near town and near where all the amusements are. Or there is a more quiet end of the beach where it's a lot more spacious, but this is a lot further from the shops.

I also want to write about my recent to trip to Norwich. Radio 1's big weekend was held there a few months ago which I went to with my sister, which was so good! The city of Norwich is really good for shopping too. Especially if you are interested in vintage. There's a big market in the center of the town, full with food, clothing and other stalls. Including a row of about 7 vintage stalls at the top. They are definitely worth checking out if you want to look at vintage.
Also along a street in Norwich, Queens Road, there are about 4 charity shops and a vintage shop which you go up some stairs to get to. It's really nice up there and you can have tea and cake as well as looking at the vintage clothing, linen, bags and brick-a-brac.
As well as that there is an antiques and vintage fair on at St Gregory's church in the lanes of Norwich. It's a huge space in there and it's full to the brim of antiques and retro items. The lanes in Norwich are really cool, full of art supplies shops, health food stores and gift shops. Again I would definitely recommend visiting Norwich if you want somewhere to shop, both for high street stores but also quirky, vintage places. I didn't pick up anything vintage this time from Norwich but I did get a vintage dress from a carboot sale we visited on the way for £2.50!

Felixstowe Beach

 Half Price vintage bargains from Red Cross Charity Shop

Vintage Shop in Norwich

£2.50 Dress from carboot sale

 I'm going on holiday to Wales in a few weeks time and will visit a lot of charity shops and carboot sales whist I'm there so I will make sure to blog about my experiences there. :)

Have you visited any interesting towns recently? Or picked up any cool vintage items?

Daisy x

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  1. What gorgeous vintage finds! Love the photo of the mopeds!

    1. Thanks so much! And thanks for reading!



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