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Well today I thought I would do a slightly different blog post, as in it isn't based around anything vintage! But alongside my passion for anything retro/vintage and collecting vintage clothes, is my love for drawing, painting etc (anything arty really). I am a bit of a perfectionist and always want to improve so I try to draw as much as possible. 

I thought I would share some of my most recent pieces that are filling up my sketch book!



These are just a few of my latest drawings/paintings that I thought I would share, I hope you liked having a little look at one of my other hobbies. Let my know if you would like to see more arty posts!

Daisy ❁

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  1. I really like your paintings, especially the world and your writings! So creative, I love making art, too.
    Much Love xx

    1. Thanks so much! Ah cool would love to see some of your art too! :)

      Love Daisy x


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