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 Yes! It's finally spring time. I'm so glad the weather is gradually improving, the days are getting much longer and going out without a huge coat and scarf is now bearable. I've been strolling round town and carboot sales a lot more in the sunshine and I'm really happy with items I have brought recently so I thought I would show you some things I've picked up recently! 

I got this jumper from a charity shop (can't remember which one) for £5, I really like all the hand stitched flowers on it and it fits well which is always a bonus when buying secondhand!

This floral skirt is from Sense Charity Shop and it was about £3 I think. I'm not sure how much I'll wear it but I think the colours are nice and summery.  

I've been wearing this Kimono soo much already! It goes with lots of items from my wardrobe and even though its thin its surprisingly quite warm. It was £2 from a jumble sale I went to recently.  

I love this purse I got the other day from a Charity Shop (can't remember which one!) It was only 75p and I love the design of it. I think these purses are coming back into fashion and some people are making bigger handbags with a similar pattern, so I was very happy to get an original one.

I love this 60s dress soo much! Pink isn't normally my colour but I love the pattern and its in such good condition. I got it for a bargain - £6.60 from a vintage dealer. 

The pattern on these 1970s shorts is very cute! And they are so individual which I love. They were £17 from Cancer Research charity shop.

This is a St Michael dress I got the other day from a Cats Protection charity shop for only a £1! Which I was very happy with and I've already worn it a lot.

This is another little purse I got the other day of the same design as the other one. It was only 30p! Again I was happy to get a vintage one as people are looking for them again.

I rencently got this vintage Dorothy Perkins rose jumper from a Cancer Research Charity Shop for just £1, whilst they had an everything £1 sale. I don't know how much I'm going to wear it now its warmer weather as its quite thick and the colours are more wintery, but I really like it.

I got this St Michael dress from Judy's Vintage fair in Cambridge recently. It was discounted to only £7. I think the colour and the detail on both sleeves make it perfect for summer, I would probably wear it with a Kimono or long cardigan and sandals.

I got this necklace for £1.50 from a Sue Ryder Charity Shop the other day. I don't think its very old but I like the look of the pendant and I think it would look nice with a vintage dress.

This St Michael skirt I also got from a vintage dealer recently for £6. The colours and pattern is really nautical I think so would look nice to wear in summer.

This patterned jumper was from an Age UK Charity Shop in my home town. I think it cost about £4. I really like the sort of floral, plant pattern on it and its just a really pretty, baggy, vintage jumper.

This dress was also from the Judy's Vintage fair I went to in Cambridge. I brought it for £7 and I just think it's pretty for spring/summer and its really light and cool for warmer weather.

What have you brought recently? Any good vintage pieces? 

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