7 Tips for Selling at a Vintage Fair

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As I'm sure you will know I recently traded at my first vintage fair with Judy's Vintage Fairs. If you didn't see my blog post about it you can read it here. I had soo much fun and I actually sold more than I thought I would, which is a bonus even though I just enjoyed doing it anyway. 

I also learned a lot from doing it, like things I would remember to bring next time and ways of displaying things better. But there were also things I did take with me that I'm so glad I did and I think are essential for selling vintage at a fair. I've put together my top tips if you are thinking of trading at a fair or even if you want to start running a shop. Hopefully some of you will find them helpful!
  • Make/have individual price labels. I really liked the idea of having different, stand out price labels for my clothing I was selling. And it was something I'd seen a lot at fairs and vintage shops before so I decided to use vintage playing cards and old wallpaper as labels. I was really glad I had done it as I think it added to the stalls look. Also its good idea to write your website/blog on labels.
  • Make sure you have enough cash to give as change. I went to a vintage fair earlier this year and on one of the stalls I brought a couple to things and the trader almost didn't have enough change to give me and had to get some off someone else, I mean obviously it was fine I got the right change but it just seemed to stress them out a bit. So one of the main things I made sure of when I did my own stall was to have plenty of change so I could get the right amount quickly and easily for people which I think makes a big difference especially when its busy around your stall. 
  • Be organized in getting the stall set up. One of the best things at trading at a vintage fair is being able to look at the other stalls before customers come in! So my advice is to try and set up your stall as quickly as you can so that you have time to relax a bit before the fair actually opens but also so you can have a look at other stalls and sometimes pick up the best items before anyone else!
  • Get to know other traders. It's really interesting going around and getting to know other vintage traders. Getting their tips, finding out how long they have been in the business and swapping details. This way you may find new vintage shops but also tell others about you and your business or advertise your blog.
  • Attention to detail. I made loads of business cards with my email address and blog displayed on the table at my stall. I also put a card in every bag when I sold things. Its a great way to advertise your vintage shop or blog in a way where people will remember you better because they have your card. Another extra thing I did was having a bowl of vintage sweets on the table. It just made things look more interesting and made it more fun!

  •  Be prepared to negotiate on prices. Most people coming to vintage fairs will try their best to get a bargain. Especially at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fairs as a main part of those are that it is affordable vintage. So a good idea is to maybe put your prices up to a little more than you would normally (only slightly) and then if people ask for a bit of a discount it won't really make a difference. 
  • Take spare things. 2 things I found really helpful was to take spare items with me. For example I took a bag full of spare clothing hangers in case any break (lots of mine did) or you just realize you want to swap clothing onto different hangers. I also took a few bags of spare vintage items with me so that when things were sold I could replace items to make the stall look full or if I just wanted to swap things around.
Obviously the main thing is, have fun! I didn't actually care how much I'd made from doing the fair as I just enjoyed the day so much! Have you sold at any vintage fairs? Or have any of you been to Judy's Vintage Fair?
Daisy x

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