Trading at my first Vintage Fair

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My stall at Judy's Vintage Fair

Saturday was a very exciting day for me, I was a trader for the first time at a Vintage Fair! I've written a blog post before about how much I love Judy's Affordable Vintage Fairs, which you can have a look at here. I've attended a few now, close to where I live and a few months ago my mum and I decided to register as traders with them. I was so excited to be chosen and confirmed as vintage traders!

I mentioned in my blog post before about Judy's Vintage, how they travel all over the UK so when you get registered with them its up to you where you'd like to go to and you can trade at as many or little fairs as you want! So we decided to go for one that was coming up in Ipswich. 

We did quite a lot to prepare beforehand like ordering bags, making business cards, ironing and steaming clothing, collecting clothing hangers, getting together change, making price tags ect. I will write a blog post soon with my tips of what to do and prepare before a vintage fair as I definitely learnt a lot from this first fair and things I would improve and try next time. 

I really enjoyed the whole day, it was so much fun! The people in charge of running Judy's Vintage Fairs are so lovely and helpful running up to the fair and during the day. You are given plenty of information and help before you go to sell at the fair and whilst setting up the stall. Everyone is super friendly and its a great opportunity to meet other vintage traders and swap details, this is something I really enjoyed too. We also enjoyed meeting and chatting to our customers and giving advice on vintage items.

The day started off by setting up the stall. It was hard work and we were only just set up in time before customers arrived! But it was also a lot of fun, decorating the tables and setting up displays and also everyone was very helpful. The fair ran from 11am - 4pm and a lot of the time it was very busy which was really good, however there was also a quieter time where I could go round and have a look at other traders stalls!

I sold a lot more than I thought, even though my mum and me were so happy to just be there selling, what we did make was an added bonus! If you are interested in buying and collecting vintage items I would sooo much recommend going to a Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, they are so much fun and you can find so many great things. And I would also recommend becoming a registered trader with them if you enjoy selling vintage items in your own shop or online or just want to start selling some things, just fill out one of their trader forms. Or check out their website to get more information! Have any of you been to Judy's Vintage Fair? Where do you like to sell Vintage things?    

Daisy x

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