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As much as I love writing posts on my blog, I also spend a lot of time and enjoy reading other peoples blogs. I've put together a list of a few of my favorites at the moment. Obviously I love reading the vintage themed blogs but I also enjoy other genres as well.
1. Paloma in Disguise - I love Hannah's blog, she writes about the vintage items she has picked up, tips on things like Charity Shopping and outfits she's put together, which gives great inspiration on how to wear vintage pieces. She's also great at mixing vintage items with new, high street fashion to create an overall look. World of Wanderlust - I always love reading Brooke's posts. She travels all over the world and writes a lot of posts with tips before you go to a certain place or things to remember to pack and just general posts about instagram, photography and fashion for traveling. She also writes about her experiences from trips and always inspires me to travel more! Even if you just look at her photos! Her blog is definitely for you if you are even a bit interested in travel. She also has a great YouTube channel.
 3. Afternoon Crumbs - I love love love Nicole's blog so much! She bakes amazing cakes and biscuits and makes them look so beautiful. She writes really interesting posts about recent cakes or projects shes done and also some lifestyle posts. I always love looking at the baking posts as I am a big fan of cake! and her posts also give great inspiration for making and decorating your own cakes. She has a contact page with her cake guide on if you are interested in ordering from her. She deserves way more followers!
 4. Victoria's Vintage- Victoria's Blog is really interesting! I love reading her different posts. She writes a lot about lifestyle, beauty and fashion. I love looking at her home ware posts as they give really good inspiration of things to get for homes or bedrooms.I love looking at her recent purchases or her wishlists for different items. Her blog is a very interesting mix of things to read, go check it out!
5. Vintage Fashion Guild- This blog is a really obvious choice for anyone interested in vintage. It includes so many helpful posts and resources especially if you are just starting out with vintage. Things like - label resources and fabric resources so you can research and learn more about vintage labels and fabrics. Also there are many really interesting posts about featured pieces or vintage sellers.

So that is a really small selection of my favorite blogs that I love reading at the moment. What are your favorite blogs - vintage or non vintage related? I'm always looking out to find new blogs to subscribe to and have a look at!

Daisy x

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