Decorating My Dressing Table

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 I was recently clearing out some old jewelry as I was tidying my room and I decided I wanted a change to behind where my dressing table is and also on the top of the table.
Basically before on the wall behind my dressing table was random things/photos/paintings I'd put there. But I felt like changing it a bit. And as I was clearing the top of the table, laying out my vintage compact mirrors,hairbrushes and teacups, I thought about sticking up some of the vintage adverts and photos I had collected onto the wall behind like wallpaper.

I just cut out and keep any vintage advertisements I see especially ones for hair/makeup/beauty/fashion/food etc... as they can come in really handy to decorate well anything really like:

. Tables or chairs
. Old lamps
. Notebooks
. Draws
. Phone cases
. Wallpaper 
. Boxes
. Wardrobes
Basically just recycling them for new uses. I think vintage posters or photos also look really cool if you have a stall or shop where you sell vintage wares as I often use these sorts of things to decorate boxes or clothing rails to display my vintage clothing and items. 
Even if you don't reuse them they are usually so quirky and interesting to look at!

Have you reused any vintage items or adverts? I'd love to hear any vintage creative tips you have.

Daisy x

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  1. I love this! Where did you get all those 'advertisements' from? I love all your vintage things, but my friend is so much more into 'vintage/50ies et.' than me, maybe you would want to check her out, although her blog is in german, the photos are great, too. It's , I have seen this thing from Ikea about 4 years ago, where they took some cheaper table from them and glued many Mickey Mouse comics (I think it was Mickey Mouse) on the table and put some clear glue on top of it, it looked amazing! Maybe that's an idea, too... as a coffee table or something.
    Much Love, Taykure <3

    1. Thankyou so much!! Just from vintage magazines, books and packaging really or sometimes people will just sell them cheaply. Thankyou! 😊 oh cool I will have a look, thanks. Oh right yeah I see quite a lot of things like that where people have stuck different things to tables and stuff it's nice. Good ideas!

      Keep blogging! I will too.

      Love Daisy x


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