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  1970s Floral Dress - £16

Recently my sister got me a Beyond Retro gift card, which I was very thankful/ excited about! I thought I'd write a little review of my experience in choosing and ordering some clothes. I had already frequently visited their online store which is really full of vintage gems. They have a wide range of everything for anyone really and something I especially love about their website is they update their stock so often, so there is always new items up for sale.

I had £25 to spend on the gift card so I started searching for things. Their price range is really good too and every time I've looked they have had a lot of things discounted but not because anything was wrong with them items so that's a good thing too. I kept looking through everything again and again as there are just so many nice things to choose from but eventually I chose a 1970s lilac/purple floral dress for only £16! And 2 1980s jumpers which I really love. The delivery came super quickly, they came within less than 24 hours of me ordering them which is great service. Obviously delivery time will very slightly depending on where you live but I think to most places it would probably be very good, as it was in my case. I really love the items I got they even look better in real life than from online so hats a bonus as I am always a bit wary when buying clothing online even if it doesn't cost too much I'm always worried about the hassle it might cause if I want to send things back. The items of clothing arrived in good condition just as they were described and I'm happy with how they look on.

I would definitely recommend going to have a look at their website as the prices are really reasonable and there is so much choice for anything you may be looking for, (or they also have a couple of shops in London you could visit.) I also contacted their customer service to query about something to do with my order and again they replied to that super quickly and were very helpful. So go have a look at what vintage gems you can find!

What's your favourite place to get vintage things online? If you have any fave online shops let me know as I'm always interested in finding new places to shop!

Daisy x

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