A Vintage Review of The Year

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I realize this post is a little late now. I was planning to post this at the end of December, but thought I would finish it now anyway. I just put together a few of my favorite things from 2014 that are vintage related.

1. Firstly I decided on my favorite instagram page for Vintage Clothing. I follow so many accounts on instagram that feature vintage, it was hard to pick but I really like to look through 'Dear Golden' page. The page is for their vintage shop and they always post really regularly pictures of their new stock. Go check out their instagram --- Dear Golden

2. My second is my favorite vintage purchase of the 2014. I chose the vintage sparkle clutch bag I got from a charity shop. I just really loved it and got it for such a good price. To see more of it you can look at the blog post I wrote about it here...

3. My favorite vintage shop of 2014 that I visited was St Cyr Vintage in Camden Lock Market, London. It was soo amazing and so full of vintage things so it was perfect for me. I recommend it so much if you visit Camden Market in London and love Vintage. I wrote a blog post all about it here which you can check out too. 

4. For my forth favorite vintage 'thing' of 2014 I chose my favorite online vintage shop which is Rokit Vintage. I really love their selection of vintage clothing and I think the prices are so good. I love a lot of online vintage shops so it was quite hard to chose a favorite but I managed to chose Rokit as I can't stop looking at it. I featured some of their jumpers and sweaters in this blog post. 

5. Number 5 is my favorite vintage event of 2014. I really loved going to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in summer last year. It was really good to visit as I hadn't before and everything their was so lovely and it really was very affordable which is great obviously! I have also written a post about it here. If you want to find out some more details about it.

Some more favorite things of 2014.... 
I also really loved Dawn O' Porter's Vintage book - 'This Old Thing' I saw it in Waterstones and really wanted to get it and eventually bought it online. If you are into vintage clothing I would really recommend getting it as its so helpful to learn about Vintage Fashion and also will get you into collecting and wearing more vintage if you're new to it. And at the back of the book their is a large list of vintage clothing shops all around the UK which is a great guide if you need to know where the best shops are. I just really love it and its great to read again and again. I will probably feature her book properly in another post.  

Also my favorite Etsy vintage shop of 2014 has definitely been 'The Kissing Tree Vintage.' I really love all their clothes and there is soo much choice and also they always have lots of new stuff which is great. I would definitely say go have a look at their Etsy Shop here. And also their instagram page is really lovely and will keep you up to date with the new stock.

I hope you liked my review of some of my favorite things of 2014 and had a nice last couple of months of the year.

Daisy ❁

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  1. Cute attire, love the ivory dress :) x



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