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One of my favorite places I've been to for collecting vintage items is Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair. I went in spring of this year roughly I think. It's been around for almost 10 years now I think and you can get a variety of things from the fair's like clothing, home ware items and accessories and it travels all over the UK. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the fair myself so the photos are ones I have found. I didn't actually buy very much at all as it was my first time there I quite enjoyed just wandering around. I got 3 dresses in the end which I really love and I wore one this year to a friends wedding, so it was a good buy. I may feature pictures of them in later blog posts. 

I would definitely recommended visiting this fair to any vintage lovers or collectors. It's a really nice atmosphere, with all the stall holders being super friendly and the 1940's style tea and cakes. There's so much choice from different stalls depending on what vintage era or style you're into. If your not really that into wearing vintage fashion yourself then there's plenty of home ware goods and accessories too. Also as the name of the fair implies its very affordable! In fact I think the prices are about 75% cheaper than high street prices for vintage. But as I said most of all I just love the atmosphere there. As you sit down rummaging excitedly through the items you have purchased and having some cake, you can discuss your vintage style with other shoppers which I think is really cool to find out about other peoples collections or what they have just brought.

I will definitely get to some of the other fair's. I've already put the upcoming dates in my calender! They hold the fair in 30 cities I think including: Norwich, Cambridgeshire, London, Brighton, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Newcastle, Oxford and obviously loads more. Go check out their website for more details of where they are traveling to next and more information about the fairs. 

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