A Vintage Gem

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I just wanted to write a short post about this vintage clutch bag I found.I think it's really beautiful and I was so happy when I spotted it in one of the charity shops where I live. I actually saw it but didn't ask how much it was (it was inside a cabinet at the counter) for some strange reason. I think because I was in a bit of a rush and presumed it would be quite expensive. However I went back again when there was a half price sale in the shop and I went to see if it was still there which it was obviously! and asked whether it was a reduced price. It wasn't actually half price but turned out to only be £3.50 (or $5.50) Which of course I was super happy about as I really loved it! 

Since then looking at it, there isn't actually a label or anything inside for a company but its very clean and good condition inside which is a plus. And by checking it over there isn't any gems missing for the outside. I've tried researching ones similar to work out a date but I haven't too much about it unfortunately. However from looking at others similar I would guess at it being 1960's to 1970's, although I'm not the best at dating things. 

Whatever the true age or value, I love it so much. I just think its so pretty and it being in such good condition helps. So I think its a lovely item anyway and a great purse or clutch bag for a party or wedding or anything really. Although I love it I just don't think I would really end up using it that much as I don't really use clutch bags, which would be a shame for it to be wasted. So I have put it in my shop section which I wrote about here. So hopefully someone will find it and love as much as I did and be able to use it.

I hope enjoyed reading about my vintage find that I was super happy with. What vintage items have you found recently?

Daisy May

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