5 Vintage items of clothing to invest in this winter

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I always get very excited about wearing winter fashion, as big jumpers and coats are 2 of my favorite items of clothing to wear! So I thought I would try and put together a post about  items of vintage fashion that I think will be great to try out this winter. 

1. Garish Vintage Jumpers or Sweaters. The first vintage item had to be jumpers or sweaters. These are definitely my staple for autumn/winter time.I went to one of my favorite online shops for vintage clothing - www.rokit.co.uk and picked just a few of my favorite jumpers from their huge collection.

2. Vintage Velvet dress/skirt. I think something velvet always looks pretty, especially during winter time. I really like the look of a velvet dress or skirt with black tights and boots. Again I picked just a few of my favorites from Rokit again and The Kissing Tree Vintage

                    60s 70s Blue Velvet +                                            90s Burgundy Velvet dress                       80s velvet maxi dress (Kissing Tree)
                  Cream Cocktail Mini Dress                                          (Rokit Vintage)  
                    (Kissing Tree Vintage)

3. Vintage Coat. Vintage coats especially some faux fur ones are really nice. A lot of vintage coats or jackets will be a lot warmer than more modern coats as different materials were used. I found a huge collection of gorgeous vintage winter coats on www.beyondretro.com, another great place to find vintage clothing. I picked out some ones I liked.

4. Vintage Scarf. You can get so many random patterns and colours for a vintage scarf that it makes a winter outfit look so unique. I found some really cool ones in some Etsy shops. 2 I found in RoryLaRueVintage and another one in JEWVENCHY

     70s Pattern Scarf (JEWVENCHY)                        Vintage Psychedelic Scarf                                 Green and Orange Vintage Scarf
                                                                                              (RoryLaRueVinatge)                                           (RoryLaRueVinatge)

5. Vintage Jeans or Trousers. The amount of different styles, colours and materials you can get for vintage jeans or trousers is so vast that you can get something totally unique. Again I found some great Etsy shops that provide lots of choice. The items bellow are from HelloSidney and CallMeChula

     90s Floral Trousers (HelloSidney)                         90s Mom Jeans (HelloSidney)                              80s Acid Wash Jeans (CallMeChula)

Daisy May

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