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 So I thought I would share a small peek into my wardrobe to show you some of my favorite pieces of clothing and what things I've collected over the years and some gems I have found recently. I also thought it would be quite interesting to show a little bit of some of the items of clothing I love to wear and some of my favorite vintage purchases as well. As for me anyway I am quite nosey so would find it interesting to snoop in people's wardrobes! (probably just me!)

Below I have picked out some of my best buys and the items I can't stop wearing again and again and the stories behind each item.

1. This is a vintage Marks and Spencer's skirt I quite recently acquired ( I think for like £4 from a charity shop) and I really love it. I've worn it so much already and because of its lovely bright yellow colour (which I don't think has come out as well on the photo) it goes with alot of things too. 

2. This white blouse is another great buy I was so happy with. Again as its white I can wear it with most things and it looks great in more of a smart look with a skirt or casual with jeans or shorts too.  I think it was like £3 but I can't remember from. Oops.

3. Ah now this is one of my best buys of late. I got this dress from a charity shop in the town where I live for about £6 and from some research I think its from the late 50s/ 60s. I absolutely adore the unique pattern and the bow tie detail at the top of the dress. I've worn this alot already!

4. I found these shorts again in a charity shop for £4 and I really liked the 90s style pattern on these and also the soft fabric. I think they are just a very cool alternative to denim shorts and they are a great part to my wardrobe. 

5. This vintage shirt was from a carboot for about £1. And again I think the pattern is really interesting. And also I don't think its very apparent on the photo but the collar shape is really cool as well so I really like it. 

6. I got this loose shirt/ kimono for £1 from a charity shop and I just really like the floral print of this and its a really nice retro piece especially for summer over a strappy top or something.

7. Ah I loovee this playsuit soo much! When I spotted it I thought it was a shirt and I liked it enough but then I noticed it was a playsuit and I knew I was buying it straight away without even checking the price. This is one of my favorite things in my wardrobe and vintage buys. 

8. Aw this is another vintage Marks and Spencers skirt and I just lovve it!

9. I was soo happy when I found this! I got it from a clothes swap party so it was free and I just love the 50s style of it. And obviously getting it for free is a bonus. I will probably write a future blog post of how to arrange a swap party.

10. This one of my newest best jumper purchases. I love the mountain pattern on it and as its actually a mans jumper its extra baggy and soft so its a great gem to have for winter! Also I featured this in Jumpers galore post which you can check out here

11. This loose polka dot top was from a jumble sale for 30p (!! I know) and I love wearing it with either skirts or it also looks good with jeans. 

12. I was soo happy when I found this jumper. It was from a carboot sale and the bright colours are just so lovely I think.

13. I love this blouse I picked up from another car boot sale. I don't normally wear pink colours much but I am a sucker for vintage blouses so I had to pick this up.

14. Now this - well I adore this dress. I got this from a vintage fair recently and I think its really beautiful! I think its quite different but the style and pattern of it are very pretty. I wore this to a wedding recently and I really enjoyed wearing it. 

15. This was also from a jumble sale for about 30p I think and although its quite baggy on me its great to tuck into skirts or trousers.

16. I've worn this skirt alot! In fact I was wearing it today. You can't really tell from the picture but it has clear square buttons all the way down it and I just love how unique they are!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some snippets from my constantly expanding wardrobe and finding out where I got them from. Comment below what your favorite item is from your wardrobe! Thanks for reading.

Daisy May

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