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Back in May my mum, my sister and me visited New York City. It was somewhere we always wanted to go and it was sooo amazing! One of the many things we wanted to do whilst we were there was visit a flea market, as in England one of the things I love doing is shopping at car boot sales or jumble sales so I was keen to find the equivalent in New York to experience another type of shopping and search out what vintage items were there! We managed to search out and find a flea market not far from our hotel. The flea market was called 'Hell's Kitchen' and was full of vintage clothing, antiques and secondhand gems. 

The market had a great selection of vintage globes, jewelry, household items and furniture. Even though we were only there for about 3 hours it was definitely worth going there for a New York shopping experience and managing to pick up some nice items. I also found some vintage clothing to add to my collection which was great as well! 
 Vintage blue floral shirt and skirt - $20

Vintage check pattern dress - $25

 80's floral shirt and skirt - $10

I was super happy with what I picked up but even so I was happy to just experience an American flea market and to look round. So if your popping to New York any time soon make sure to make a visit to the 'Hell's Kitchen' flea market, open Saturdays and Sundays, west 39th street and 9th avenue, New York City. - www.annexmarkets.com

I'd love to see your comments if you have visited the market yourself or any of your top vintage spots in New York City. Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I went to New York earlier on this year too and I loved it! I didn't get to visit a flea market (I went to a lot of shops though!) but it looks like it was good fun so I might have to go to one if I'm ever there again xx


    1. Yeah it's amazing there! Oh right yeah the shops are great too. Yes good idea. x


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