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Have you always loved the vintage look but not quite sure what's the best way to go about buying some vintage? I have put together some of my best tips I could think of when it comes to purchasing vintage clothing. (By doing this I am definitely not stating to be a vintage expert because I am still learning a lot!) I'm also sure there is a lot of you out there that have some great tips and advice which I would love to hear as well so comment below some of your tips and tricks. 
1. Label sizes 
Labels on vintage clothing can vary a lot from clothing sizes today or some items may not be labelled at all, for example I am a size 8 but a lot of the time I can fit into size 12s, 14s and 16s. So my advice would be to try on as much stuff as you can before buying it to check the fit on yourself despite what the label may say. Maybe take a measuring tape with you and get the measurements of garments to see if you match up. 

2. Keep Searching
Finding vintage clothing that you absolutely love does take more effort and rummaging than shopping on the high street. So I would say when buying vintage, don't give up to fast! If you are new to buying vintage then at first you may not seem to find anything you really like and might end up getting disappointed, however all vintage shops are different and will have a large range of items. So if it seems at first you aren't picking up anything you like then just keep trying different shops and I promise your efforts will pay off when you find even a few gems you really love. 

3. Don't be worried about the cost 
What I always remind myself of when I spend on vintage clothing, is the comparison price of the items in a high street store. Yes vintage clothing obviously does cost something however when you start researching what the price would be for the equivalent in a high street shop its not hard to see that normally high street fashion costs the same or sometimes a lot more. Also in a vintage shop you will be picking up something completely unique compared to something that probably a lot of other people have brought. ( For example I just did a comparison of a dress from a vintage shop - www.rokit.co.uk and a similar dress from high street shop New Look. The vintage dress was just £30 for a unique 80s dress and the New Look dress was £40 for a generic bodycon dress)

4.  Check garments
Obviously vintage clothing is old, so my tip would be to always check a piece of vintage clothing before purchasing it for: tears or rips, stains, marks or jammed zips. Although in most vintage shops the quality of items is very good, some pieces may still have some small problems because that is to be expected of older clothing. So make sure you just double check the garment before buying, then you can decide whether to still buy it anyway or if you can fix the problem yourself. 

5. Don't be afraid to try different things
With vintage clothing the range of different styles is large. With items normally ranging from the 20s to the 80s there is always a lot to choose from. My advice would be to not be afraid to try on some things that you would never normally pick out as a lot of the time vintage can look very different on than it does on the hanger and you may be surprised at what suits you. 

6. Don't be worried to haggle
In most vintage clothing shops asking for a discount when buying is to be expected, especially if you are buying a lot of items. If the shop owner is persistent at staying at the original prices then that's fine and should be respected, however normally if you say something like 'whats the best you can do on this' or 'is it possible to reduce the price slightly on this' then shop owners will be happy to negotiate a price with you and you may be able to get a few pounds or dollars off the original price which always helps! 

7. Buy what you love
When buying vintage clothing only buy things that you really love and feel great in. It seems like an obvious piece of advice but I know I've been tempted to buy something just because I know its vintage and I like to collect it, however I don't really like it that much for myself to actually wear. So make sure when your buying its only items you truly love and think you will wear a lot. Don't worry if nothing catches your eye at first, you don't have to get it just because its vintage. 

8.  Have an open mind
You may not instantly find something you feel like you would wear and love. However they may be many pieces you see that have a potential that you may not have thought about before. For example there could be a t shirt or jacket that isn't really something you would wear however it is covered in cool, retro buttons or badges. Or a pair of jeans, but the shape doesn't suit you think what other ways you could use the denim, maybe cutting them into shorts to suit you better. I often buy dresses or shirts just to use the buttons or cut out pieces of the fabric. Its not wrong to use a vintage item in a different way to what it was purposed. 

I hope you found these tips helpful if you are yet to try out buying some vintage clothing. I definitely needed some guidelines when I first starting looking, however I still do! If you have any expert tips please comment them below. Also I'd love to know what is your favorite place to get vintage. ❤ Thanks for reading!


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  1. Jammed zips are a killer. Thanks for the tips ��

  2. great post with really helpful tips!


    1. Ah thankyou!! I'm glad it was helpful. I will follow you on bloglovin :)


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